Shipping Shield: Whatnot Promotion

Shipping Shield with
Whatnot Logo

Shipping Shield with
Whatnot Logo & QR Code


Step 1: Create an account on this website (see link at bottom of page)

Step 2: Fill out form below and hit “Submit”

Step 3: Whatnot URL will be used verify customer as a seller on Whatnot platform

Step 4: Reply email will be sent letting you know if your Shipping Shield account has been activated to use the Whatnot discount codes


When ordering, select your items like normal and apply the Whatnot discount code at checkout.  The code you use determines the type of printing you will receive on the shields.  One code will just have the Whatnot logo printed on it (front) and the other code will have the Whatnot logo and the QR code (front) for your store on Whatnot.  The QR code will be created from the Whatnot URL you enter in the form.

If you have any questions, please add them to the comments section on the form below