TCGPlayer Upated policy to Seller Agreement – How this affects Custom Shields

On April 24th, 2024 TCG Player updated their seller agreement and one of the areas can possibly affect those that have custom printed shields.



The highlighed area is the update that affects custom printed shipping shields.  I’m assuming they consider custom prints on the sheilds possible “marketing” materials.


So what’s the mean to you!?  I’ll detail how that affects your custom printed shields, to the best of my ability.  Also, I reached out to TCGPlayer and talked with one of their representatives to ensure I fully understood how this affects you.


First, logos and store names are just fine!!!


Second, the only links allowed on the shields are to go to TCGPlayer directly (your TCGPlayer store on the website is obviously OK) with the exception being your direct TCGPlayer Pro Website.  Your TCGPlayer Pro store website is OK!  I also did clarify that the Shipping Shield website link is also OK (I’m assuiming because it doesn’t compete with TCG).  Also, despite being owned by Ebay, links to Ebay accounts are no longer allowed.


This also means links to your YouTube, Discord, Etsy and the previously mentioned Ebay are not allowed.


“Coupon codes or other promotional rebates outside of TCGplayer” would be against TCG’s updated terms.  I’ve received business cards in TCG orders that have a coupon code to purchase directly from the sellers website.  The same thing applies to any coupon code on a shield that only works on the store’s direct website (don’t do).


Another thing that is not allowed anymore would be a message that directs customers to reach out for order support though an email or phone number.  Basically, any customer support for an order through TCGPlayer must be done through TCG’s website and not through outside channels.


So, for those of you that have alreaedy purchased custom shields that are now against this policy???


The TCG rep. indacted that using up your existing inventory is fine.  They completely understand you’ve purchased these prior to the updated seller agreement and indicated they are (direct quote) “welcome to continue to use those for the time being. We do ask that after those shields are gone or we have reached a period of time where stricter enforcement is required, that they order new shields that follow the updated policy”.  This is great information to know and that they understand there are ramifications to how their change could cause a financial cost to you.


For those of you that sell on multiple platforms (through Crystal Commerce or BinderPOS), this change will and won’t affect you.  Any order that was received through TCGPlayer must follow these guidelines.  Any order outside of TCGPlayer obviously doesn’t matter to TCG.  This might mean you would want two different shield variants (easy to do!).  You’d have one that follows TCG guidelines and another (likely with more printed features on it) for all your non-TCG orders.


If you use your custom printed shields outside of TCG obviously none of this applys to you, though the selling platform you use might have their own guidelines.

If you have any questions, please let me know!  You can email me at or


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