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The GREEN sports & gaming card protector, specifically designed to protect collectible cards in the mail. 100% recycled cardboard and made in the USA.

Solving one of the most annoying issues of shipping: preventing the cards from slipping out of the protection.  The simple yet effective folding flap makes sure the cards don’t slip out and COMPLETELY eliminates the need for tape. Even if you use tape to keep the flap down, our design ensures the tape doesn’t come in contact with the cards inside!  Additionally, if you’re worried about water/moisture Shipping Shield fits in a standard team bag!

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Shipping protection

Classic Shields provide 360° protection for your card while eliminating issues that traditional top loaders introduce. Lighter than top loaders while fitting up to 8x gaming cards!

Fits in regular size envelopes

You can fit one Classic Shipping Shield in a 6 3/4 envelope and two in the standard #10 envelope.  The smallest bubble mailer recommended would be the 4”x8” bubble.

Eco-friendly Design & Ethically Made

Shipping Shield is made of 100% recycled cardboard and is 100% recyclable!  Both, the paper mill and manufacturing plant are located in the USA/Canada.