Shipping Shield Product

For International Orders

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Anatomy of a Classic Shield


The product is 5 in high, 4 in closed and the widest point is 3 in.

Width (widest point) 3 in (7.62 cm)
Closed Height 4 in (10.16 cm)
Height 5 in (12.7 cm)

Standard Classic Shield

Free Sample 1 ct; Standard (untracked)
Sample 5 ct; Standard (tracking)
200 ct; Standard
($.143 each)
500 ct; Standard
($.104 each)
1000 ct; Standard
($.088 each)
1800 ct; Standard
($.082 each)
9000 ct; Standard
($.077 each)

Blank Classic Shield

200 ct; Blank
($.145 each)
500 ct; Blank
($.107 each)
1000 ct; Blank
($.091 each)
1500 ct; Blank
($.085 each)
9000 ct; Blank
($.080 each)

Peel and Seal - Blank

Free Sample 1 ct; Peel and Seal (untracked)
Sample 5 ct; Peel and Seal (tracking)
200 ct; Peel & Seal
($.158 each)
500 ct; Peel & Seal
($.119 each)
1000 ct; Peel & Seal
($.103 each)
1500 ct; Peel & Seal
($.098 each)
9000 ct; Peel & Seal
($.093 each)

Shipping Shield T-Shirt

Don't forget your Shipping Shield Branded Shirt!

Shipping protection

Provides 360° protection for your card while eliminating issues that traditional top loaders introduce. Lighter than top loaders while fitting up to 10x gaming cards!

Fits in regular size envelopes

You can fit one Shipping Shield in a 6 3/4 envelope and two in the standard #10 envelope.  The smallest bubble mailer recommended would be the 4”x8” bubble.

Eco-friendly Design & Ethically Made

Shipping Shield is made of 100% recycled cardboard and is 100% recyclable!  Both, the paper mill and manufacturing plant are located in the USA.

About My Manufacturer

  • All new employees with no applicable skills start at a living wage
  • The front line employees that make the shields are on a high “skill” machine and make well above a living wage
  • All employees are offered medical benefits, 401k, paid vacation/sick leave
  • 100% of their electric usage is offset by wind energy credits
  • 100% Ethically made
  • Safe working conditions (it’s typical in the U.S.A. and not the same as overseas manufacturers)
  • Since I’m there every pickup I know the names and have met the front desk employee, the line lead for the shields, the line supervisor, the manufacturing supervisor, the cad designer, the shipping department and the VP of Sales
  • The paper mills used for the shields are located in the U.S.A. This is very important for environmental reasons. Making paper/cardboard products is an extremely energy intensive process, not all countries have even close to the same environmental regulations we do
  • They gave me a chance! I started the project as a complete unknown to them and they simply gave me the opportunity. They worked tireless with me for months refining and testing the design of the shield with no money to start the development. Once we landed on the design and manufacturing they afforded me the time to raise approximately $6,000 for the first run production. This is not typical with manufacturing but they worked with me to accommodate my long lead time to move into production.
  • When purchasing any card protector, you’re not only supporting the seller, you’re supporting their manufacturer.