Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can shipping shield be mailed on its own or does it need to be in a larger envelope?
The standard Shipping Shield can not be mailed on its own as it DOES NOT meet minimum USPS size requirements. You can easily fit one is a standard 6 ¾ envelope, two in a #10 envelope and in most bubble mailers.
Are your Shipping Shields recyclable?
ABSOLUTELY YES!  Shipping Shields are made from 100% recycled cardboard and are 100% recyclable.
Can I get a custom logo printed on the Shipping Shield?

Yes you can!  Please contact us for inquires.  With the new printer there's no longer any minimum order quantity.  Also, full color with no extra charge!  In addition, if you're looking to purchase by the pallet, my manufacturer can also do custom shields but has a 50k minimum order requirement.

I’m interested in large quantities or bulk pricing. Do you offer any price breaks past your 9,000 quantity pricing?

Yes, we do.  The next price break is at 50,000 units.  You get additional price breaks up to 1,000,000 units.  Our current manufacturer can ship pallets directly to you.  For bulk pricing, please contact us for inquires.

Where are your products made?

The standard and some of the blank Shipping Shields are made in the U.S.A. and locally sourced. This reduces transportation and logistical costs while providing you the customer a lower cost to purchase!  Since my primary manufacturer doesn't have the capability for the peel and seal option, those shields are made in Canada.  Due to the better printing cardboard, some of the blank shields are also made in Canada.

How many cards can you fit in the standard shipping shield?

You can fit up to 8x gaming cards in a single penny sleeve inside a Shipping Shield when mailing but will likely need an extra ounce stamp when mailing in a plain white envelope.  Depending on your local post office and sorting center, you may need to limit to less than 8x per Shipping Shield.  Since sports cards vary greatly by thickness the number that can fit will vary.

I’m concerned about possible water damage; how can I protect against that?

Shipping Shields are made of cardboard vs the plastic version.  When you fold the closing flap down, each shield is 3x4 inches, which is the perfect size to fit in the standard team bag for added protection!

Do you ship outside the U.S.A.?

Absolutely!  To get a quote, please contact us for inquires.  Most orders mailed to outside the U.S.A. are shipped via UPS international.  Smaller orders may be shipped via USPS. Shipping costs vary greatly by location and size.

Should the folding flap be taped or tucked?

The folding flap was designed to be taped and not tucked into the inner portion of the shield.  The reason for this was to prevent any "bulge" from pressing against the cards.  Also, because the flap was designed to be taped, that is why it's so difficult to tuck and untuck.

Should the shields be used in bubble mailers?

The shields were designed for primary use in a plain white envelope (PWE).  Just like when using top loaders or semi-rigids in bubble mailers, you're best off using additional layers to help protect your cards, inside the shields.  When using just a shield, top loader, or semi-rigid in a bubble, the thing to remember is the bubble mailers often get placed in the same containers as larger packages, shipped in corrugated boxes.  This means that during USPS handling, at any moment a large and heavy box can get dropped directly onto the bubble mailer.  When this happens, no matter what you're using, there's an increased risk of damage to the card.  That's why using layers is best in bubble mailers.  You can use 3 shields (which slip nicely into a team bag though you can't close the bag) and place the shield containing the card in the center.  Another common thing to do is cut some corrugated box down to the size of the shield and sandwich the shield between the two pieces of corrugated cardboard.

What type of PWE (plain white envelope) do you recommend?

The #10 envelope is the recommended PWE to use.  Smaller envelopes, such as the 6 3/4, should be avoided.  Since a shield in a 6 3/4 envelope doesn't allow the envelope to be bent in half, occasionally a postal employee will reject the envelope as non-machinable.  By placing the shield in a #10 and TAPING to one side of the envelope (preferably taped to a piece of paper/packing slip then placed inside the envelope) you allow the envelope to be bent in half.  DO NOT tape the shield to the center of the envelope/paper.  You should always tape down the shield so that it doesn't float around, inside the envelope.

Shipping protection

Provides 360° protection for your card while eliminating issues that traditional top loaders introduce. Lighter than top loaders while fitting up to 10x gaming cards!

Fits in regular size envelopes

You can fit one Shipping Shield in a 6 3/4 envelope and two in the standard #10 envelope.  The smallest bubble mailer recommended would be the 4”x8” bubble.

Eco-friendly Design & Ethically Made

Shipping Shield is made of 100% recycled cardboard and is 100% recyclable!  Both, the paper mill and manufacturing plant are located in the USA.